Adventurers Leadership Academy

The Fresh Expressions movement has used the language of "pioneers" and "pioneering." We have chosen, however, to use the language of "adventurer." Adventurers are: "people called by God who are the first to see and creatively respond to the work of the Holy Spirit with those outside the church; gathering others as they seek to establish a new contextual Christian community." The Adventurers Leadership Academy will equip lay, licensed, and ordained adventurers to cultivate new forms of church and other innovative ministry in their unique contexts throughout the Florida, North Georgia, and Western North Carolina Conferences. Working in collaboration with an international team of scholars, pastors, missional strategists, and coaches, the academy values practice-focused learning, personal reflection, and individualized coaching and mentorship, and collaborative conversation.

Resident Teaching Bishops: Bishop Ken Carter (FLUMC and WNCUMC) and Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson (NGUMC)
Spiritual Director: Sue Nilson Kibbey

Overall structure: An online pre-session followed by four sessions, with coaching, and immersive learning between each gathering.

  • Virtual Orientation: July 22, 2022 via Zoom. At this meeting, students learn an overview and expectations of the academy, meet their cohort, and connect with coaches.

  • Session 1: August 5-6, 2022. On-site at United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio.

  • Session 2: November 1-3, 2022. On-Site at St. Mark's, Ocala, Florida.

  • Checkpoint Online Session: January 12, 2023 via Zoom. 

  • Checkpoint Online Session: March 9, 2023 via Zoom. 

  • Session 3: April 28-29, 2023. On-site in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Session 4: August 4-5, 2023. On-site North Georgia.

  • Graduation: August 5, 2023. On-site at North Georgia.

If you are interested in the academy, we ask that you complete the follow application and provide two references. The cost of the academy is $1,250 per student plus travel expenses.