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Ben Collins

East Central District Co-Cultivator

Ben Collins smiling at the camera with a face mask hanging from his ear.

Ben has been a spiritual entrepreneur, non-profit founder and leader, as well as consulting in these areas for over twenty years. “Starting new things is where I am alive.” He’s been creating fresh expressions of church since before the US was using that language. From church in a bar, hookah bar, comedy club, parking lot and on skype, to Pints and Parables, Sunday Soul Brunch, Art and Soul, and countless other Fresh Expressions… as many that have worked as have failed! Ben served on the original Fresh Expressions Florida Steering Team, transitioned with the team to a staff person, and then multiple staff positions. He has been present and engaged in the FXFL movement as long as it has been a priority in the Florida Conference. Ben's calling and work find gracious balance enjoying time and nature with his Kids, Huck and June, his Partner Jo, and their dog, Odin. Ben is excited to galvanize fresh expressions and movements of the spirit that have already begun in your churches and lives. Reach me to discuss how Fresh Expressions in the ECD can support the New People, New Places and New Ways God is calling you to Celebrate and Serve.


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