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Haley Eccles

North East District Co-Cultivator

Haley Eccles standing behind a pulpit preaching

Rev. Haley Eccles is a Provisional Elder, currently serving as a ministry fellow in North East Florida’s campus ministry, Campus to City Wesley. Haley’s first appointment was in a small, struggling church, where Haley spent much of her time working to build connections and pathways to begin new faith communities in the neighborhood. She began a fresh expression in the form of a book club and learned a lot through the struggles and failures of these attempts to create space for the gospel to be heard by new people in new ways.

Her new opportunities in campus ministry call upon those pioneering skills of connection and taking risks to help connect to students across four college campuses and an online campus. This space has also provided opportunities to cultivate new leaders and encourage teams, as CCW taps into the gifts and passions brought by committed students in the ministry.


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