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Brittany Leclair

Gulf Central District Co-Cultivator

Brittany Leclair smiling with a beach sunset behind her. She has blonde hair and a nose piercing.

Brittany is currently serving the Gulf Central District of The Florida United Methodist Conference as a licensed local pastor at First United Methodist Church of Pinellas Park, Florida, and co-cultivator of Fresh Expressions. S-he has a passion for cultivating new forms of church to reach the unchurched and dechurched who will statistically never step foot in/on either of the inherited church campuses she serves.

Brittany brings a creative and energetic spirit to ministry and believes her greatest spiritual gift is sharing life with people through the loving first journey of Fresh Expressions. While she loves to learn from and interact with people across all walks of life, her first love is spending time with her husband, three children, and two dogs! You can find them hanging out at local farmer's markets, hiking, or lounging around in a hammock.


Brittany graduated with highest honors from The Great Bethune Cookman University in 2021 and is an MDiv student at Duke Divinity School.


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