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Large group of people sitting outside on the grass in a large park.
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In the Fresh Expressions movement, there is a basic rhythm of cultivating new ways of being the church that occur naturally through the process. The Fresh Expressions Journey is descriptive rather than prescriptive, but it may act as a guide or way to assess where you are and where you're going. Each step is creative and cumulative—adding to the continuation of the previous step.

Bird's eye view of a typical suburban neighborhood


The Fresh Expressions Journey begins by simply listening. When we listen to those around us—to their needs within their context—and tune in to God's call, we are led into new places and opportunities to love and serve others.


In this step, you begin to find simple ways to love your community. Here is where relationships begin to form through intentional conversations and serving those around you in their context.

Group smiling with visibility vests on as they pick up trash outdoors
Multigenerational group smiling with coffee and books in their hands.


Building community is done by creating space for authenticity and connection. In this step, community begins to emerge as others join and befriend you through activities and time spent together.


Sharing Jesus does not need to be complicated or forced! Freeing yourself from the need to have all the answers, spirituality can be explored in ways that reflect what the community is ready for, whether it be Bible studies or simply open-ended questions and conversations.

Woman reading a book to small children as they listen with one child on her lap
Someone playing an acoustic guitar.


Although a fresh expression in this stage may not look like a traditional church, it embodies the core nature of the church: a people who share life together with Christ at the center. This looks like shared identity, spiritual exploration, and connection to the greater church.


The Fresh Expressions Journey ends by bringing you back to the beginning. Creating space for new possibilities by empowering leaders and sharing wisdom gives rise to maturity within the community and growth outside of it.

Older woman with work gloves holding a tool in a community garden
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