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Group of people serving food in a meal line.

In April 2014, conversations about Fresh Expressions took root in the Florida United Methodist Conference. We discovered practitioners already cultivating these communities in yoga studios, parks, burrito joints, and even tattoo parlors. Over the last decade, Fresh Expressions has taken off across the conference. There are currently around 300 Fresh Expressions of Church. These expressions of church look very different in how and where they gather, but the heart of each group is to reach new people, in new places and in new ways.

As we envision the future of the church, we believe that it will be a blended ecology of both traditional churches and fresh expressions. These two forms of church must exist in a symbiotic relationship together as we seek to reach people with the Gospel.

Fresh Expressions Florida is a distinctly Wesleyan Spirit-led movement of new Christian communities that serve the present age. Fresh Expressions are inclusive, accessible, transformative, and connectional. These communities can be analog, digital, or hybrid.

We cultivate these communities of love and grace primarily for people currently neglected by the church. Now, across the conference fresh expressions can be found in every district. We praise God for this work of the Spirit in Florida drawing more people into a transforming relationship with Jesus!

Find a Fresh Expression

Browse the map below to see the current Fresh Expressions that are taking place around Florida.

This map is currently under construction! If you do not see your Fresh Expression on the map, please let us know via email.

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