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Reaching New People, in New Places, in New Ways

At Fresh Expressions Florida, we are passionate about exploring new ways of being church. We embrace a Spirit-led approach to creating communities of faith and belonging that seek to bring God’s love and grace to those currently neglected by the church.


Through our work as an initiative of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, we seek to empower clergy and lay leaders as they cultivate missional communities in ordinary places.


Following the listening-first journey, these practitioners of Fresh Expressions, whom we call "adventurers," build relationships and connections in places they already spend their time like coffee shops, hiking trails, and the gym that grow into churches in their own right that are Christ-centered, inclusive, accessible, transformational, and connectional.

We believe that Gospel is good news for all and has the power to transform the lives of individuals and communities all over the state of Florida.

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Young woman holding up her arm with a new tattoo that says "G>^V". She is smiling and sitting among a group of people in a tattoo parlor.
Group of people serving food in a meal line in a church.

Our Story

Learn the story of how the Fresh Expressions movement came to Florida.

A group of Fresh Expressions leaders standing and smiling together at the camera.

Meet the Team

Find your District Cultivator and connect with Fresh Expressions leaders across the state.

Find a Fresh Expression

Browse the map below to see the current Fresh Expressions that are taking place around Florida.

This map is currently under construction! If you do not see your Fresh Expression on the map, please let us know via email.

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