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Peytyn Tobin

South East District Cultivator


Peytyn Tobin, Associate Pastor at New Horizon UMC Southwest Ranches, FL and Executive Director/ Board Chair of Nourishing Lives Inc. She has a passion for igniting a spark in young leaders that inspires love of others and passion to create positive change in our world. 

“I want young leaders to know that they have greatness within them. The way they treat themselves and others makes a difference in who they become. Each person was created to be amazing; and each has the ability to impact the world for the better.”

Nourishing Lives Inc. is an initiative “Nurturing Each Child in Body, Mind & Spirit”, simply we feed children. Nourishing lives began as a youth-led community outreach program with a mission to create pathways to feed over 75,000 under- privileged children in south Florida public schools.  

Today, we have partnerships in over 13 schools with over 100 volunteers feeding 308 children each week in Broward County and 150-200 families. Recently, awarded a grant as part of the Promised Neighborhood Grant with Broward College.  We are constantly looking for new and different ways to share love and hope with families.  Our Covid experience has developed a community with many families and in that we are growing the buds of a new kind of connection for church –connecting our families in community and creating ministry 360 degrees –our volunteers, our families, and our community all connect to serve each other and the community. Our culture is one of acceptance and love, always sharing the love of Christ and inviting a conversation. We are all serving and we are all connecting, feeding families ,and sharing our stories.


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