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our team

Fresh expressions of church are found all over the world! Our team spans across every district in the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, walking alongside churches and fresh expressions adventurers in the work of creating and supporting new ways of doing church. We want to introduce you to the Conference team and the District Cultivators.


If you believe God is calling you to reach people currently unreached by your church, we would love to hear from you. We are here to pray, resource, coach, and support you in the work of being church with new people, in new places, and in new ways…


Michael Beck subtly smiling with a black t-shirt, jeans, and tattoos on his arms.

Michael Beck

Director of Fresh Expressions Florida, North Central District Co-Cultivator

Piper Ramsey-Sumner smiling with glasses, bangs, and a jean jacket.

Piper Ramsey-Sumner

Fresh Expressions FL Conference Team, North West District Cultivator

Jessica Taylor with curly brown hair and a floral shirt

Jessica Taylor

Fresh Expressions FL Conference Team, North Central District Co-Cultivator


Tiffany McCall smiling with her hair back and a black shirt with flowers.

Tiffany McCall

North East District Cultivator

Peytyn Tobin smiling with glasses, blonde hair, and a white shirt.

Peytyn Tobin

South East District Cultivator


Brittany Leclair

Gulf Central District Co-Cultivator

Kim DeBreuil smiling with short brown hair and a black shirt

Kim DuBreuil

East Central District Co-Cultivator

Ben Collins smiling with a face mask hanging from his ear

Ben Collins

East Central District Co-Cultivator


Tiffania Icaza Willetts

Gulf Central District Co-Cultivator

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