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Kim DuBreuil

East Central District Cultivator

Kim smiling at the photo with short brown hair and a dark shirt

Kim DuBreuil serves as Cultivator of the East Central District. Kim served on the Southwest District team at her last appointment. She is a graduate of the University of Florida (B.A. in Communication), and Asbury Theological Seminary (MDiv). Kim is the Senior Pastor at First United Methodist Church of Lake Alfred, and a native Floridian born in Miami and raised in Lakeland. Kim feels her vocation is to create viable church communities both on and off our church campuses.  She brings her prior paralegal, sales, finance, and real estate experience to the table and believes the local church can benefit greatly by creating community partnerships. Her love for the Fresh Expression movement has created innovative church ministries, and Dinner Church.

Kim is engaging clergy and laity by revitalizing their declining churches, getting faith-filled people serving in their community, and reaching younger people, like her college-age son, who aren’t walking through church doors.


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